Actors in Rashoman perform at GCC.

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Theatre Arts & Film

GCC is home to an award-winning theater arts program. GCC students are regularly recognized by the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival for acting, set and costume design, and lighting and audio skills.

We invite the community to enjoy theatre performances by students, faculty and visiting artists throughout the year. 

Check our events calendar for upcoming performances and audition opportunities.

Theatre Majors, See An Advisor
Meet with a Theatre Arts advisor before you enroll in any classes. These experts will help you organize your class schedule every semester, and keep you on track to meet your program requirements quickly.  

Non-majors and Recreational Interest
Anyone with an interest in theatre arts is invited to audition for theatre roles, as either cast or crew. Audition information, dates and times are posted throughout the year.

The Associate in Arts, Fine Arts – Theatre degree is designed for students planning to transfer to four-year colleges and universities, who must prepare to meet selective admission criteria for programs such as the Bachelor of Fine Arts, which may have a portfolio or performance requirements.

Theatre Arts courses teach students all aspects of theater production. Actors learn audition and performance techniques, stage movement and combat, and voice and diction. Directors and designers can study makeup, lighting, sceonography, painting and theatre interpreting.

GCC Performing Arts Department offers the following courses. Note: not all courses are offered every semester.


Course Course Name
THE 111 Introduction to Theatre
THE 205 Introduction to Cinema
THE 206 Introduction to Television Arts
THE 210 Contemporary Cinema
THE 220 Modern Drama

Theatre Performance & Production

Course Course Name
THP 112 Acting I
THP 115 Theatre Makeup
THP 131 Stage Movement
THP 201AA Theatre Production I
THP 201AB Theatre Production II
THP 210 Acting: TV/Film
THP 211AC Creative Drama: Script Development
THP 212 Acting II
THP 213 Introduction to Technical Theatre
THP 214 Directing Techniques


Theatre & Film

Course Course Name
THF 115 Makeup for Stage and Screen
THF 205 Introduction to Cinema
THF 209 Acting for the Camera
THF 210 Contemporary Cinema
THF 215 Advanced Makeup Techniques for Stage and Screen
THF 219 Advanced Acting for the Camera


Program Director


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Phone: (623) 845-3385