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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I apply to the Nursing Program at the Maricopa Community Colleges?

MaricopaNursing is a consortium program. That means that the same curriculum, admission, and student policies apply to all eight campuses that offer the Nursing program. To apply, you only need to submit one application to one of the campuses to be eligible for placement at any one of the MaricopaNursing campus sites. Submit the application to the Nursing Advisor at your first-choice college.

Follow the directions on the MaricopaNursing Programs website to complete the Application Packet.

Once the application has been verified and entered into the Nursing database, the student will be able to select the college campus of their choice.

How do the nursing admission and placement work?

Applications are accepted year-round during these application periods: Dec. 1-Jan. 31, Feb. 1-March 31, April 1-May 31, June 1-July 31, Aug. 1-Sept. 30, Oct. 1-Nov. 30.

At the end of each application period, the Nursing advisor processes all the applications that are received during that time period that meet the admission requirements. Each application is date/time stamped.

When placement is complete, applicants are admitted to MaricopaNursng depending on their date/time stamp and their choice of campus. Applicants will receive a letter and/or email with placement notifications. Students are able to access placement information on their Application Status page on the MaricopaNursing Programs websiteTo accept the placement, the student must sign and return the confirmation of intent letter as directed.

The advantage to the applicant is that placement will be at a college of choice.

How does a student monitor their application and/or change their choices?

Once the student meets the requirements of the admission process, they can monitor their application on the Application Status page. The student can change their choices as often as they like.

All Nursing program students must reaffirm their interest in the MaricopaNursing program each placement cycle before being able to make choice changes. Reaffirmation on student Application Status page.

The college sites and types of schedules change twice per year and the current list is on the student application status page. Notices are sent to the applicants by email when the new program options are available and are open for choice changes. When on the Application status page, make sure all student e-mail address, home address, and phone numbers are correct.

Is the admission process for the Nursing Program competitive? How long does it usually take to be placed into the program?

  • The MaricopaNursing Program does not have a competitive acceptance process. Once a student meets the admission requirements and the application is accepted, the student information is entered into the nursing database. The nursing program has a placement waiting list, not a true waiting list, of approximately 7-8 semesters. However, because this is a placement process, there is no way to tell applicants exactly when they can expect admission because the wait depends on the choices made by all applicants and the student capacity of each nursing program in any given placement cycle.

What is available for a Nursing student while waiting for placement into one of the colleges?


How will a student know if the MaricopaNursing program will accept courses taken at colleges and universities other than through the Maricopa Community Colleges?

  • There is a two-step process to determine whether college courses will transfer:
  • First, the student must have the college(s) attended send official transcripts directly to one of the eight Maricopa Community Colleges listed in the Admission Information and Application Packet. The student should choose the college that they will submit their nursing application to as their college of first choice and forward transcripts to that campus.
  • Second, the student should contact the Admissions and Records office at that college to request an evaluation of your transcripts. The Admissions and Records office will determine which of the courses transfer in as course requirements or electives. Maricopa Community Colleges accept all eligible courses regardless of the age of the course.


Are advisement sessions available via email/telephone?

Please check the nursing website for information pertaining to the program and locations and contact information within the Maricopa Community Colleges. Nursing advisors will work with students via email/telephone.

Can the HESI-A2 assessment be taken at a location outside of Maricopa Community Colleges?

An applicant may take the HESI-A2 assessment at a location outside of the Maricopa Community Colleges only if the scores are sent directly from the administering school or agency to the testing office at one of the colleges.

Where do students do their clinicals?

Maricopa nursing students attend over 100 different clinical agencies. The student will receive information about clinical assignment once they begin the nursing classes and the sites are confirmed by the individual hospitals.

Once admitted, can I transfer to another MCCCD college?

The nursing students have the ability to transfer to another college site or a different type of program according to the guidelines in the Nursing Student Handbook. Nursing students will receive this handbook during their orientation to the nursing program.


When placed at a college other than where the Nursing application was submitted what is the procedure for financial aid and other pertinent records.

  • Regarding financial aid, the financial aid office on the Maricopa campus the Nursing application was submitted should be able to provide information on transferring financial aid records to the college at which the student was placed. In regards to other pertinent records (i.e. Nursing Program application), records will be transferred upon receipt of student Confirmation of Intent letter, indicating acceptance of placement.

How will attending a partnership program, accelerated option or part-time option affect my financial aid?

  • Partnership programs do not generally affect financial aid awards. The accelerated program is 16 to 18 months and this is equivalent to three semesters, not 4. Students in accelerated programs generally receive 3 semesters of financial aid. The part-time programs are on a part-time schedule so generally receive a partial financial aid award in any one semester.


I have a disability and need academic accommodations. What should I do?

See the Essential Functions guidelines of the physical requirements of the nursing program. Each college has a disability coordinator and the student makes contact with this person first to gather proper documentation. The disability coordinator works with the nursing director at the college to determine if the accommodations are reasonable for nursing and are in compliance with the policies of the hospitals for the required clinical experiences in patient care.

If a potential Nursing student has a criminal record, will it affect their admission into the nursing program? Will it affect their ability to get a license?

  • The nursing program does not answer specific questions about criminal records. MaricopaNursing requires that each applicant demonstrates they have a current Level 1 fingerprint card from the AZ Department of Public Safety. Once the student has received their Level 1 fingerprint clearance card and it is current and valid, they will meet this requirement of the nursing program.
  • The nursing program cannot answer specific licensing questions. Licensure is the exclusive right and responsibility of the State Board of Nursing. Students must satisfy the requirements of the Nurse Practice Act: Statutes, Rules, and Regulations, independently of any college or school requirements for graduation.
  • See the RN LPN Exam Packet or Page 1 of the application for LPN and RN Licensing Exam for information on the Felony Bar.
  • An additional barrier to admission may be the OIG Exclusion list. All applicants must prove clearance upon admission and during enrollment in the nursing program. The Office of Inspector General (OIG) was established in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to identify and eliminate fraud, waste, and abuse in the Department's programs and to promote efficiency and economy in Departmental operations. Students can check their status.
  • All students attending the nursing program are tested for drugs and will undergo a background check. Any student unable or unwilling to provide clearance according to the health and safety guidelines will not be permitted to continue in any nursing class.

When transferring to the university to complete a BSN, does the student need to take CHM 130 and CHM130LL even if they were exempt due to having taken a high school course?

  • Many MaricopaNursing graduates go on to complete their BSN. The requirements differ for each of the many colleges/universities accepting students into the RN to BSN program. Some of the universities require that you take a college level chemistry and some do not. You have many continuing education opportunities.





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