Concurrent enrollment in Maricopa Nursing at GCC puts your education on the fast track.

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Enrolled Students

Familiarity with HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, is important to your future career in the healthcare industry. You must know the law regarding patient confidentiality, fraud, and other matters. Please review HIPPA Guidelines for Patient Privacy.

Nursing Student Handbook
The MaricopaNursing Student Handbook (.pdf) details the nursing program information, learning outcomes, progression and retention, and all guidelines for students.

NCLEX Application Information
When you fill out the NCLEX licensure application follow these tips to expedite the processing:

  • Fill out line 5 to read: Maricopa Community Colleges
  • For those persons for whom this is their first degree, fill out line 7 for highest degree held (if other than the original program) with the particular college that awarded the degree (e.g. Glendale Community College).
  • If a student already has a BS or other higher degree, indicate the site on the nursing program attended line (#5) with initials indicating the program e.g. "Maricopa Community Colleges GC."

Following these tips makes it easier for the State Board to match the program completion certificates and fingerprint results with the correct person, and to issue authorizations and licenses faster.

Professional Organizations
It is every nurse's professional duty to be active in a professional organization.  Glendale Community College offers nursing students two organizations on campus:

We have identified popular associations and organizations who award scholarships to nursing students. Others may be available.

Nursing Scholarship Opportunities
Arizona Nurses' Association Scholarship (.doc)AZNA website Hacienda Scholarship Application (.pdf) Maricopa Scholarships Sunrise Points of Light Foundation - Health and Palliative Care Scholarship
Arizona Nurses' Foundation (.pdf) Helping Hands/Single Mothers Martha Glasco Nursing Scholarship (.doc) USA Funds Scholarship
Black Nurses’ Association - Loretha Williams Scholarship Hispanic Nurses' Scholarship Information and Application Nursing Loan Repayment Information F.A. Davis Undergraduate Nursing Scholarship
Fullbright Programs HRSA's Nursing Scholarship Program - Site, (.pdf) Sun City West Nurses Club Scholarship  
GCC Scholarships John C Lincoln Work Study Program Jean Charley-Call Nursing Scholarship APS Hopi Scholars Program
Phoenix St. Luke's Service League Scholarship Faculty Helping Students Succeed    

Other Resources on the Web

Arizona State Board of Nursing
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The Arizona Nurse (The Official Publication of the Arizona Nurses Foundation)