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Math and Computer Science Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add or drop a math class?

The add/drop policy allows classes to be added or dropped by certain dates and by class availability.

  • During weeks 1 & 2 of the semester we allow lateral and downward changes. Students must obtain signatures from the Department Chair and the instructor they are adding. Students may move into a corresponding course with a different number of credit hours (for example: move from MAT121 to MAT120; MAT092 to MAT090; MAT151 to MAT150). Students may move into a prerequisite course (for example: move from MAT092 to MAT082).
  • During week 3 of the semester we allow downward changes only. Students are required to obtain signatures from the instructor they are adding and the Department Chair. Students may move into a prerequisite course. Example: move from MAT092 to MAT082.
  • Within the first six weeks of the semester students may enroll in any open Tutored Math course (MAT108). The instructor's signature is required.

What do I do if the class I need is full?

Before the semester begins, registration runs weekly purges on all courses where students have not paid or made payment arrangements. This will open up seats in courses. During the first week of classes, daily purges are run and students often change their schedules creating open seats. You can contact the instructor of the class you need by phone or email requesting to be added to the course. It is the instructor's decision as to whether you will be allowed to add the course.

How do I contact an instructor?

Type the instructors name into the search box at the top of this page. Click on their name to be taken to the page containing their contact information.
Check your syllabus, you will probably find your instructor's contact information there. You may also call the Math Office and leave a message with the Office staff for your instructor.

How do I find out if an instructor uses online homework or not?

The Hybrid & Online Courses page contains a list of all instructors and basic information of how they teach their classes (traditional, web-based homework, computer assisted, hybrid, or online). If you need more information, try finding the instructor on the Residential Faculty pages. Many instructors have given specific information as to how they teach their classes.

How do I find out what course to register for?

New students are required to take a Math Placement test. The Placement test will determine in which course you should enroll. If you have completed prior college math courses, meet with an Academic Advisor who will help you identify the right class for you to enroll in at that time, depending on your program requirements and prior classes completed.

Is there any STEM Scholarship money out there?

Financial Aid for STEM Education:


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To reach adjunct faculty in the Math Department call 623-845-3655 or visit MA-170.

Building: Math (MA) 190
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