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Mathematics & Computer Science Department

Careers for Math Majors
What are cryptography, biomathematics, finance, operations research and actuarial science?
The answer: just a few of the many careers for math and computer science majors, according to the Mathematical Association of America. A recent survey reported by states that the top 15 highest-earning college degrees have a common element: mathematics.

You will succeed in math! We will help.
An assessment test will show you where to start. Once enrolled in a class, our dedicated Math department faculty and student tutors provide quality instruction and unlimited free drop-in tutoring. If you fear math, take Tutored Math (MAT108), a 2-credit class that provides extra tutoring help in your other math classes.

Placement tests may indicate a need for mathematical concepts and basic college algebra. With that solid foundation, move through algebra, trigonometry, finite math, calculus, geometry, differential equations and discreet mathematical structures.

Math department courses are offered in a traditional classroom setting, or with an online component. Some students prefer web-based homework assignments while others prefer hybrid (blended web-based and in person) classes.

See MAT course offerings below.

Computer Science Courses Transfer to ASU

Start your 4-year degree here, and then transfer to one of our partnered universities.  Talk to an academic advisor in the Math & Computer Science department about your goals, and we will help you choose the programs and classes that are best for you. At GCC, you can complete all courses required for the first two years of ASU's Applied Computing Program.

Register in the Computer Science MAPP (Maricopa-ASU Partnership Program) to receive added college benefits.

See the GCC Course Sequence for Computer Science majors or for Systems Engineering majors for a schedule outline of all required courses. Most of these courses also transfer to the Computer Science programs at U of A and NAU.

Careers for Computer Science Majors
For information about computer science degrees and careers, check out the Guide to Online IT Degrees by the Center for Online Education.

Learn C++, Java, and More

GCC's Computer Science offers courses for industry professionals including beginning and advanced C++ and Java.

Free Microsoft Software for Computer Science students

As partners in the Microsoft Academic Alliance Agreement, we can occasionally offer Computer Science students free Microsoft software. See your instructor for information.

Computer Science Tutoring

Computer Science Solutions offers free tutoring to students enrolled in computer science classes. Drop by HT2-158, 2-5:00 p.m., Monday – Thursday. Closed Friday.

Computer Science

Course Course Name
CSC 100AB Introduction to Computer Science (C++)
CSC 110AB Introduction to Computer Science (Java)
CSC 120 Digital Design Fundamentals
CSC 180 Computer Literacy
CSC 180AA Computer Literacy
CSC 205AB Object Oriented Programming and Data Structures
CSC 220 Program for Computer Eng
CSC 230 Computer Organization and Assembly Language
CSC 240 Introduction to Different Programming Languages
CSC 240AA Intro Diff Prog Language



Course Course Name
MAT 081 Basic Arithmetic
MAT 082 Basic Arithmetic
MAT 090 Developmental Algebra
MAT 092 Introductory Algebra
MAT 102 Math Concepts/Applicatns
MAT 108 Tutored Mathematics
MAT 112 Math Concepts and Appl
MAT 120 Intermediate Algebra
MAT 121 Intermediate Algebra
MAT 122 Intermediate Algebra



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To reach adjunct faculty in the Math Department call 623-845-3655 or visit MA-170.

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