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Writing & Composition

ENG 101, ENG 102 and other composition classes prepare students to read, write and think at a college level. A placement test will help you determine the appropriate class for you. But any student is welcome to take composition classes to brush up on writing skills.

We sponsor the three campus Writing Centers where you'll find one-on-one help with writing assignments. Ask us anything! What is MLA or APA format? How do I to brainstorm ideas, write an outline or think of thesis? What are comma splices or fragments?  How can I win any argument? Where do I start with researching? Your English instructors may not have all the answers, but they do know quite a lot!


Course Course Name
ENG 071 Language Skills: Speaking and Writing Standard English
ENG 081 Basic Writing Skills
ENG 091 Fundamentals of Writing
ENG 100AA American-English Spelling System
ENG 100AB Vocabulary Development
ENG 100AC The Mechanics of Written English
ENG 100AD Grammar & Usage
ENG 101 First-Year Composition
ENG 102 First-Year Composition
ENG 107 First-Year Composition for ESL





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