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Biology Greenhouse

The greenhouse, located at the northwest corner of the Life Science building (LS), is a multi-use, multipurpose facility for students and faculty of the biology department. We cultivate a variety of plant species that demonstrate diverse plant adaptations. The controlled environment of the greenhouse is ideal for maintaining plants like delicate, water-loving mosses and ferns. In addition, we are cultivating rare and unusual native plants that could be planted in the landscaping around the Life Sciences building.

In addition, the greenhouse is home to a freshwater pond that is part of a riparian habitat for native fish and frogs. This pond is currently providing refuge for a displaced population of leopard frogs as well as Longfin Dace (as seen in photo).

The pond is also used to grow aquatic and semi-aquatic plant specimens as well as a natural populations of various protozoans and algae. Biology students practice their microscope skills searching for these tiny inhabitants of the GCC pond.

Interior of the biology greenhouse in Life Science building