Personal Training Specialist (CCL)

Program Information

The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Personal Training Specialist program is designed to help prepare students for employment in the fitness industry as a Personal Trainer. This curriculum provides students with a fundamental knowledge of human physiology and anatomy, introduction into career options in the field of Exercise Science, Kinesiology and Physical Education/Coaching, emergency response readiness, health appraisals and assessments; application of exercise fitness principles and strength and cardiorespiratory training techniques; a fundamental knowledge of nutrition, exercise physiology, and biomechanics; skills in exercise testing and fitness measures as well as writing exercise prescriptions and program designs for diverse populations.

The Personal Training Specialist CCL provides additional knowledge, skills and abilities above the embedded Personal Trainer CCL.  The courses in this program may all also be applied towards an AAS in Exercise Science and Personal Training for students who wish to continue their studies.  Many can also be applied towards university transfer programs in related fields.  Upon completion, students may also be interested in enhancing their knowledge of nutrition with the CCL in Nutrition for Fitness and Wellness.

Program Notes

You must earn a grade of "C" or better for all courses required within the program.

This degree requires a total of 4-6 credits of Restricted Electives (see list below).  They are shown in this sequence distributed in Semesters II and III, but some of these credits could be completed in Semester I if schedule and student's academic background permits. 

EXS239 (3 credit) can also be distributed into two semesters as EXS239 AA (1 credit) [in Semester II] plus EXS239 AB (2 credits) [in Semester III].

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Recommended Course Sequence

Semester I 12 Credits Grade Sem/Year

FON241 recommended for students considering transfer to university. FON105 recommended for all others.

EXS 101 Introduction to Exercise Science, Kinesiology, and Physical Education 3    
EXS 125 Introduction to Exercise Physiology 3    
EXS 130 Strength Fitness-Physiological Principles and Training Techniques 3    
FON 100 Introductory Nutrition OR 3    
FON 105 Nutrition Principles for Fitness Professionals OR 3    
FON 241 Principles of Human Nutrition 3    
Semester II 12-13.5 Credits Grade Sem/Year

BIO156 or BIO181 are recommended for students planning to transfer to the university in a related field.  BIO160 is recommended for all other students in program.

Students may choose to split their internship course between Semesters II and III.  Completing EXS239AA (1 credit) this semester would allow the student to apply for their CCL in Personal Training right away.  To complete the Specialist CCL, such a student would take EXS239AB (2 credits)  in Semester III along with their remaining required coursework

BIO 160 Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology OR 4    
BIO 156 Introductory Biology for Allied Health OR 4    
BIO 181 General Biology (Majors) I 4    
EMT 101 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation/Basic Cardiac Life Support OR .5    
HES 106 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)/Automated External Defibrillator (AED) OR

Current Basic Life Support (BLS) Health Care Provider/Professional Rescuer certification 0-0.50

EXS 112 Professional Applications of Fitness Principles 3    
EXS 132 Cardiovascular Fitness: Physiological Principles and Training Techniques 3    
RE ANY Restricted Electives

select from list of course options below 2-3

Semester III 8-9 Credits Grade Sem/Year
EXS 145 Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription 3    
RE ANY Restricted Electives

select from list of course options below 2-3

EXS 239 Practical Applications of Personal Training Skills and Techniques Internship 3    
Restricted Electives Grade Sem/Year

Choose any combination of additional EXS, FON, HES, SPM, and/or WED courses other than those listed as required in the semester-by-semester sequence above.  A total of 4-6 credits are required for the program.

Choose a total of 4-6 credits from EXS, FON, HES, SPM, and/or WED courses except courses used to satifsy Required Courses area.

EXS ANY Any Exercise Science (EXS) course *    
FON ANY Any Food and Nutrition (FON) course *    
HES ANY Any Health Science (HES) course *    
SPM ANY Any Sports Management (SPM) course *    
WED ANY Any Wellness Education (WED) course *    

Course Check Sheets


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