Automotive Technology (AAS)

Program Information

The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Automotive Technology is designed to prepare students for employment as automotive technicians. Instruction is given in both the theoretical and practical aspects of automotive operation, maintenance, and service. Directed lab activities provide experience in transmissions, differentials, fuel systems (both conventional and electronic), brakes, air conditioning, automotive electricity/electronics, diagnosis, emission control, engine service, suspension and steering systems. Modern, fully equipped facilities provide students with excellent opportunities for pre-employment experience.

Program Notes

You must earn a grade of “C” or better in all courses required within this program.

This two-year program is consolidated into one year of automotive technology (AUT) courses, followed by two (2) semesters of general education coursework, and an automotive internship. While evening AUT certificate and degree courses are offered, this sequence is currently available as a day program only.

The semesters in which general education courses (SB, HU, COM, and Science) are suggested are flexible and may be switched in sequence. You should consider taking one or more of these courses during the summer session in order to distribute your class load more evenly between the semesters.

For more information, contact an Academic Advisor or the Program Director.

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Recommended Course Sequence

Semester I 8 Credits Grade Sem/Year
AUT 123AA Automatic Transmissions 4    
AUT 106AA Engine Overhaul and Reconditioning 4    
Semester II 18 Credits Grade Sem/Year
AUT 101AA Internal Combustion Engines Theory 3    
AUT 103AB Automotive and Electrical/Electronic Systems I 4    
AUT 104AA Automotive Fuel Systems 3    
AUT 108AB Front-End Suspension, Steering, and Alignment 4    
AUT 109AC Automotive Brake Systems 4    
Semester III 17 Credits Grade Sem/Year
AUT 110AC Automotive Power Trains 4    
AUT 215AA Automotive and Electrical/Electronic Systems II 4    
AUT 107AC Automotive Air Conditioning 3    
AUT 105AA Engine Performance & Diagnosis 3    
AUT 233 Computerized Engine Control Systems 3    
Semester IV 12 Credits Grade Sem/Year
ENG 101 First-Year Composition OR 3    
ENG 108 First-Year Composition for ESL 3    
GTC 107 Technical Mathematics I 3    
COMANY Any Communications (COM) course(s) 3    
HU ANY Any approved General Education course from the Humanities, Arts and Design area. 3    
Semester V 7-12 Credits Grade Sem/Year

You should apply for graduation this semester. See an Academic Advisor for help, if needed.

ENG 102 First-Year Composition OR 3    
ENG 108 First-Year Composition for ESL OR 3    
ENG 111 Technical and Professional Writing 3    
SB ANY Any approved General Education course from the Social Behavioral Sciences area. 3    
CRE 101 College Critical Reading OR

Test Reading Exempt on the district placement test. (0-3 credits)

AUT 270AA Automotive Technology Internship OR 1    
AUT 270AB Automotive Technology Internship OR 2    
AUT 270AC Automotive Technology Internship OR 3    
AUT 298AA Special Projects OR 1    
AUT 298AB Special Projects OR 2    
AUT 298AC Special Projects 3    

Course Check Sheets


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