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GCC SciTech Festival 2013

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Get ready for the 2014 SciTech Festival at GCC!

·         Date: February 21, 2014

·         Time: 4:00 – 7:00 PM

·         Place: Life and Physical Sciences Plaza, GCC Main Campus (see map)

Glendale Community College hosts the 2014 GCC SciTech Festival! Exciting fun for all ages: current students, prospective students, parents, kids, and the community are welcome! This page is your portal to the latest news and events as we prepare for the Festival on February 21, 2014. Check back often for updates -- you won't want to miss it!

Come learn about the Mars Curiosity rover from a NASA funded scientist!

Dr. Dave Williams, a research professor from ASU who works on several NASA missions, will come to GCC to tell us the latest about the Curiosity rover. He will present a brief presentation with Mars images and video clips from Mars on the half hour:  4:00, 4:30, 5:00, 5:30, 6:00 and 6:30 in PS 148.  This is a don’t miss opportunity.

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Physics Wyld!

Come get your Wyld on! The GCC Department of Physics will feature a number of events at the GCC SciTech Festival:

·         Makin' Lightning: Physics Wyld will fire up the Van Der Graff generator with a event that will make your hair stand on end! You'll love this shocking experience!

·         Phone Book Tug-o-War: As featured on Mythbusters! We will take two standard telephone books and interleave the pages together -- no glue or other adhesives. Can you put together a  team that can pull them apart?

·         Loop-the-Loop Target Gallery: Think you're a good shot? See if you can hit the target when the ball does a complete 360-degree vertical loop before launching!

·         Fastest in the West: Do you think you're fast? Find out just how fast you are in this test of reaction time for all ages. Drop a ruler and catch it again as fast as you can -- try for the smallest drop possible. Do video games really improve reaction time?

·         Turning the Tables: When an ice skater spins, she tucks her arms in to go faster and extends them to slow down. Make yourself turn by tilting a bicycle wheel? How does this work? Experience it for yourself! This event is definitely not for the weak of stomach -- you were warned!

·         Lite Soda? Diet or regular soda, it's all the same, just without the calories, right? Not so fast! Come see a demonstration of how these two nearly-identical soft drinks aren't so identical after all.

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Chemical Madness!

Come join the GCC Chemistry Department for exciting explosions, geysers of goo and perhaps even a little glow-in-the-dark magic!

·         Elephant Toothpaste: Does an elephant need toothpaste? If it did, it would have to be a lot, right? This exciting experiment creates a dramatic fountain of pasty goop, enough for a whole herd!

·         Liquid Nitrogen: Freeze the air into a liquid! See how this amazingly cold liquid superfreezes anything it contacts. Don't touch!

·         Whoosh Bottle: A roaring detonation and a fountain of flame - you won't want to miss this!

·         Sugar Snake: It's just sugar, right? Wait 'til you see what happens when concentrated acid turns common sugar into a slimy, slippery, sinister serpent!

·         Chemiluminescence: Fireflies have nothing on us! Once the sun goes down, we'll be making our own glow-in-the-dark fun!!

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Skygazing!  Separate event on March 7, 2014 at North GCC campus at 7:30pm!

Come get a taste of the heavens at the GCC SciTech Festival on the North Campus! The astronomy department will have telescopes available that will enable you to see our stars and constellations. Once you've seen the stars, launch outward with a game of "Solar System Golf" -- walk through a scale model of the Solar System and try to get the best score in this fun target game. Great for kids and adults alike!  Located in the west parking lot.

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Gold and Fossils!

Pan for gold (is it real or is it fool's gold?) and make your own rubbing of an actual fossil -- it's yours to keep! The GCC Geology Department will show you everything you need to know to learn to pan for gold. Create your own ancient work of art that you can take home and display. Come see a miniature watershed on the stream table! The Geology Department also will have a number of fossils, crystals, and other geological wonders on display. Is that really dinosaur dung over there...?

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Visit the Biology and Life Sciences area for exciting demos and activities! The Biotechnology Lab on the third floor of the Life Sciences Building will be open for tours as well.

·         Biology Triathlon: Come test your knowledge and your athletic abilities by competing in the GCC Science Triathlon. Teams of two will complete a course made up of three physical feats alternating with questions about science. Final score will be based on time and accuracy. Perfect for teams of all ages -- parent and child, two friends, two siblings, two teens, two adults -- questions will be age-appropriate. GCC Science Triathlete Certificates (with score) will be awarded to all finishers.

·         DNA Extraction: You've read about in crime stories, watched in on CSI, and maybe even seen the results of it in your relatives. Now see it in person as the Biology Department extracts actual DNA during the festival!

·         Critter Corner: Biology in the study of life in all its forms. Come see preserved specimens of animals of all types!

·         Ocean Acidification: What impact does carbon dioxide have on the ocean?  Come do a simple experiment to find out!

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AZ SciTech Festival 2014

The Arizona SciTech Festival is the BIGGEST Arizona celebration of innovation EVER! Over 250 organizations have partnered together to showcase Arizona’s leadership in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) through a series of hands-on activities, workshops, conversations, debates, stunning exhibitions, concerts, guided walks and tours. There are over 150 FREE events in your neighborhood taking place in February and March 2014. Visit AZSCITECHFEST.ORG for event details and more information.