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Career and Technical Programs

Carl Perkins Grant Funding

Carl Perkins provides resources to faculty to further support students in the Career and Technical Programs of study. Following are Carl Perkins Vocational Education funding goals.

    Performance Standards
  • Carry out Vocational Technical Education programs to meet state performance standards.
  • Develop and implement evaluations of Vocational Technical Education programs, including assessment of how the needs of special populations are being met.
  • Independently evaluate and continuously improve performance.

    Academic Standards
  • Improve academic and technical skills of Vocational Technical Education students through integration of academics with Vocational Technical Education programs.
  • Teach Vocational Technical Education students the same challenging academic proficiencies as all other students.

    Program Improvement
  • Initiate, improve, expand, and modernize quality Vocational Technical Education programs.
  • Improve Vocational Technical Education programs by providing services and activities of such size, scope, and quality to be effective.
  • Provide students with strong experience in and understanding of all aspects of an industry.

    Involve Stakeholders
  • Inform and involve parents, students, teachers, representatives of business and industry, labor organizations, representatives of special populations and other interested individuals in the development, implementation, and evaluation of Vocational Technical Education programs (At the postsecondary level, “parents” are included in the “students” category.)

    Access/Progress/Success for Special Populations
  • Prevent discrimination against special populations.
  • Identify and adopt strategies to overcome barriers to access/success for special populations.
  • Provide programs designed to enable special populations to meet state performance standards.

    Nontraditional Training
  • Promote preparation for nontraditional training and employment.

    Professional Development
  • Provide comprehensive professional development for vocational and technical, academic, guidance, and administrative personnel.

  • Develop, improve, or expand the use of technology in Vocational Technical Education.

  • Link secondary and postsecondary Vocational Technical Education programs.

    Career Guidance
  • Provide career guidance and academic counseling for Vocational Technical Education students.

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