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Published for the Employees and Friends of Glendale Community College

Vol 13.9 · September 2011
Dr. Irene Kovala
President Irene Kovala
Gaucho Gazette > September 2011 > Presidential Perspectives

Welcome to fall 2011

Greetings and a warm welcome to fall semester 2011! This is an incredible first fall for me at GCC and I thank each of you for your hospitality and for reaching out to make my first weeks here pleasant and inviting. 

My first convocation emphasized the nature of transition and all that a change in leadership implies. I suggested to you that these are times when we are living in a neutral or gray zone, as I better understand the culture of GCC and our community. To that end, I am beginning a series of listening sessions that will enlighten me, from your perspective, about the many positive attributes and some of the challenges facing the college. Thank you in advance for your patience as we begin to set the agenda for GCC.

I also spoke about the importance of our upcoming accreditation self-study and visit from the Higher Learning Commission. From my view, there is no more important an undertaking than the journey of re-accreditation. I thank all of you who have contributed to the first draft of the self-study. I requested an extension of the timeline for our visit from the HLC team and we have been approved for a visit April 16, 17 and 18, 2012. This gives us the added time necessary to submit the highest quality documents to the Commission.

We are in an unprecedented era in higher education - a time of holistic review and overhaul of higher education delivery, as we have known it. It has often been dubbed "the new normal." What does "new normal" mean? It means inviting and embracing systemic change so that we can accomplish the main goal set before us, which is the student success agenda of graduation, transfer, employment and completion. 

Indeed, President Barack Obama has issued a challenge to the community colleges to accomplish what he calls the completion agenda, indicating his faith in the agility of community colleges to get the job done. I believe that Glendale is perfectly positioned to do just that. However, it will take some shifts in order to accomplish the goal of doubling the number of our degree and certificate holders by 2020. I invite you to join me in accepting this challenge and to boldly move GCC to a place where students are triumphantly led to productive citizenry.

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