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Vol 14.10 · October 2012
Gaucho Gazette > October 2012 > Student Affairs

Survey Says Students Vote

This month’s survey collected responses from 255 GCC North students ranging in age from 18 to 80 (Average = 22.6) regarding their voter status, intent to vote, candidate preference and election prediction.

Student Voting:
82 (32%) of the students were not registered to vote
30 (12%) will not vote
143 (56%) intend to vote for a particular candidate
       65 of them (45%) for President Obama 
       78 of them (55%) for Governor Romney   
       (margin of error = +4 points)  

Student Predictions:  
Not all students predicted a presidential winner. The results of the 242 who did:  

Student Group                                 Obama will win                    Romney will win
Non-voters                                                     23                                            3
Not registered                                                43                                            34
Students who will vote for Obama                 59                                            4
Students who will vote for Romney                21                                           55  
Total (N=242)                                           146 (60.3%)                           96 (39.7%)  

This research was conducted by GCC North Counseling, Psychology, English, Chemistry and Fitness faculty. Results were collected and analyzed by Elizabeth Jacobs, Psychology Department, 5-4188.

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