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Published for the Employees and Friends of Glendale Community College

Vol 14.10 · October 2012

President Irene Kovala

Gaucho Gazette > October 2012 > Presidential Perspectives

Environmental Scan Results

Last May, I asked the Office of Strategic Planning and Accountability (SPA) to gather key committee members and investigate research partners to conduct an environmental scan for the GCCís feeder schools and local employers from diverse industries. Working together with Dr. Kimmensí team in Tempe, Scott Schulz, Mary Trudeau-Ames, SPA partnered with ASU to provide a context and launching place for our future strategic planning endeavors.

The catalyst for the environmental scan was two-fold in its discovery: Task environment and industry environment. Essentially, the scan surveyed the institution's customers: Students and potential students, parents of students and of potential students, potential recipients of our transfer students, community leaders, employers and potential employers of our students. As Brown and Weiner define it in "Supermanaging: How to harness change for personal and organizational success", environmental scanning serves as "a kind of radar to scan the world systematically and signal the new, the unexpected, the major and the minor."

Successful guidance and management of a college absolutely depends on the dexterity and adaptability to rapid change in our external environment. Using environmental scanning as an influencing factor for our strategic planning models enables us to both understand our community and the interconnections of its various sectors as well as to translate this understanding into making informed decisions about the institution's planning and decision-making processes.

On Sept. 18, I invited the campus to participate in the results of the environmental scan as presented by ASUís Seidman Group and Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, College Research and Evaluation Operations (CREO). While the results didnít contain many surprises, what was revealed can lend itself to greater focus. Iíve asked Dr. Natale to form two groups of your colleagues who will champion the effort of addressing the concerns, ideas and opinions we heard through the research.

I invite you to review the results provided to us via the SPA website and join me as we delve deeper into data-driven, informed, strategic planning and decision-making.

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