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Vol 14.10 · October 2012
Gaucho Gazette > October 2012 > Around Campus

Gaucho Voices Triumph

The Gaucho Speech and Debate team recently returned from its first official swing tournament of the year with better results than even we expected. The team and coaches have been volunteering their time over the summer to start the season strong and it paid off with GCC winning first place overall! We brought 10 students, and all of them made it to final rounds. In fact, of the 39 possible final rounds we could have made, our amazing students made it to 33.  

The competition was from 26 colleges and universities including Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, University of California – Los Angeles, Pepperdine, Cal State - Long Beach, San Diego State and more. The Gauchos had twice as many points as the 1st place University squad ASU.  

Highlights from our Individual Events competitors include Seth Fromm and Lewis Robinson winning 1st and 2nd overall individual speakers respectively, with Seth making it to seven final rounds (taking 2nd place in four events), and Lewis making four (with three 1st place finishes and one 2nd). Second semester student Kila Morgan made it to finals in all four of her events, winning 1st place in Programmed Oral Interpretation. Senior Elizabeth Calvert made it to three final rounds, winning 1st place in Informative Speaking. Second Year competitor Andrea Berning also made her mark on the second day of the tournament, making it to two final rounds and winning 1st place in Programmed Oral Interpretation. Madison Alexander, Autumn Cumbie and Taric Williams also did well, placing in multiple final rounds each.  

Highlights from our debaters are just as impressive. Both of our debate teams went 4-2 in prelims, with seniors Bjorn Lundberg and Lauren Sublett winning Gold in junior parliamentary debate. Novice debaters Andrea Berning and Taric Williams made it to the bronze round of Novice Parliamentary debate, with Taric Williams winning 1st place overall speaker in Novice Parli.  

These results hint that a magical year is in store for GCC’s speech and debate team! If you know any of these competitors, be sure to congratulate them on their amazing success. In one week, our novice competitors will make their debut at the Watson/Lancer tournament in Pasadena, Calif. --- submitted by Kevin Briancesco (Director of Interpretation), Roxan Arntson (Director of Public Address), Jay Arntson (Director of Debate), and Loren Schwartwalter (Administrative Director).  


Tournament 1  

Prose Interpretation:  Lewis Robinson – 2nd place  
Madison Alexander – 3rd place  Autumn Cumbie – 5th place    

Poetry Interpretation:  Lewis Robinson – 1st place  
Kila Morgan – 2nd place  Seth Fromm – 5th Place    

 After Dinner Speaking: Seth Fromm – 3rd place  Madison Alexander – 4th place    

Programmed Oral Interpretation:  Kila Morgan – 1st Place    

 Informative Speaking:  Elizabeth Calvert – 2nd place    

Communication Analysis:  Elizabeth Calvert – 4th place    

Dramatic Interpretation:  Seth Fromm – 2nd place    

Duo Interpretation:  Seth Fromm and Autumn Cumbie – 2nd place    

Debate: Andrea Berning - Novice bronze  Taric Williams- Top Novice Speaker and Novice bronze    
Lauren Sublett - Junior Gold  Bjorn Lundberg - Junior Gold      

Tournament 2    

Prose Interpretation: Lewis Robinson – 1st place  Madison Alexander – 4th place  
Autumn Cumbie – 5th place    

Poetry Interpretation: Lewis Robinson – 1st place  Kila Morgan – 5th place    

After Dinner Speaking: Seth Fromm – 2nd place  Andrea Berning – 3rd place  
Madison Alexander – 4th place   

Informative Speaking:  Elizabeth Calvert – 2nd place      

Dramatic Interpretation:  Seth Fromm – 2nd place  

Duo Interpretation:  Autumn Cumbie and Seth Fromm – 2nd place  

Persuasive Speaking:  Taric Williams – 4th place  

Programmed Oral Interpretation:  Andrea Berning – 1st place  Kila Morgan - 4th place

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