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Published for the Employees and Friends of Glendale Community College

Vol 14.3 · March 2012

Juarez Awarded National Scholarship

"Bill's Glasses" on Display at GCC North

Blaylark Takes Triple Jump First

Staff and Contacts

Current & Archived Issues

March 2012 Highlights

Presidential Perspectives

Campus Anticipates HLC Team Arrival

We are anticipating the arrival of our Higher Learning Commission peer evaluators. The great Arizona sunshine will welcome them as a prelude to our impressive campus staff, faculty, programs and students... [Read more]

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Academic Affairs

Transfer Fair Lights Paths to Universities

The Spring 2012 University Transfer Fair on GCC's main campus at the end of February brought representatives from local and national universities to provide program and degree information and to assist students with the transfer process. The fair offers a preview of what the universities offer academically and culturally as well as detailed information to ease the transfer and transition process... [Read more]

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Administrative Services

Facilities Spring Sprucing Up Campus

Spring is almost here and the facilities department is buzzing with activity. ... [Read more]

Student Affairs

FYE Presents Sustainability Workshop

The First Year Experience Club participated in the 24th annual National Collegiate Leadership Conference in Tucson this spring. The NCLC is the largest conference of this type with 650 students from 50 different colleges and universities from around the nation attending... [Read more]

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Around Campus

Glendale Folk Mini-Fest March 20

Get a sneak peek of the Glendale Folk & Heritage Festival at GCC’s Mini-Fest, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m., Tuesday, March 20, in the Student Union..... [Read more]

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