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Published for the Employees and Friends of Glendale Community College

Vol 12.7 · July 2010

Chartwells takes over GCC food service...

Students immersed in Geology trip...

Tempe installs DeLaney public artwork...

Staff and Contacts

Current & Archived Issues

July 2010 Highlights

Presidential Perspectives

GCC is in a perfect storm of summer activities

Summertime at GCC means that a monsoon of projects are underway to repair and refresh the campus; increase our efficiency, ramp up credentials for staff and faculty; engage the community in learning experiences; and work on all those great ideas we saved “until after Commencement.”  

Our beautiful college is being made even more lovely and functional with many projects including replacing sidewalks that not only refresh our appearance but also increase the ease at which those with physical challenges can traverse the campus... [Read more]

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Academic Affairs

Students immersed in Geology trip

Just as summer began, Professor Steve Kadel led students on an eight-day geology field exploration of the Southwest. Their travels took them to locations with outstanding examples of volcanic, fluvial, Aeolian and cave landforms in eastern Arizona and New Mexico... [Read more]

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Administrative Services

Veep's Corner

Administrative Services is a VERY diverse division here at GCC. Not only does it include the Business Office function, but it also includes: Employee Resources, Office of Information Technology, Facilities Management, Public Safety and even Planning... [Read more]

Also in Administrative Services...

Information Technology

Employee Workstation Service Level Agreements

OIT will soon implement Service Level Agreements, known as SLAs, as the most efficient way of providing support to employee workstations. This is in line with the 21st Century Maricopa Initiative that defines SLA as a collection of promises between a service provider and a customer... [Read more]

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Student Affairs

GCC North holds summer celebration

Every three months, GCC North holds what they affectionately call a Flip Flop Party where birthdays are celebrated and camaraderie is enjoyed. Jackie Serna, enrollment services coordinator, and Debbi Carney, fiscal technician, spearheaded the most recent potluck party... [Read more]

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Around Campus

Tempe installs DeLaney public artwork

In June, GCC Faculty and alumnus Esmeralda DeLaney saw her latest public art project installed in the University Heights Neighborhood of Tempe. Themed for the 1950s for the neighborhood that was built during that era, the three-sided mosaic artwork serves as a message center and to cover up a utility standpipe... [Read more]

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