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Published for the Employees and Friends of Glendale Community College

Vol 13.8 · August 2011
Alberto Sanchez

Vice President Alberto Sanchez
Gaucho Gazette > August 2011 > Student Affairs

GCC Disruptive Students Guidelines

Dealing with disruptive students on campus, both in the classroom and out, is always situational and, given the many processes of resolution, often misunderstood. Since it is the start of the new academic year, Dean Osaro Ighodaro and I again offer to all employees the following general guidelines for dealing with disruptive student behavior:
  • Your resources for dealing with disruptive students on our campus are Public Safety (Deb Palok, director of Public Safety, 5-3535), Student Life (Dr. Ighodaro, dean of Student Affairs, 5-3567) and the Counseling Department (Dr. David Gerkin, chair, 5-3065).
  • Student disruption can be defined as any student conduct that occurs on the college premises, which adversely affects the college community and/or the pursuit of its objectives. This conduct includes, but is not limited to, disruption or obstruction of teaching activities; physical and/or verbal abuse; threats or intimidation; and conduct which threatens or endangers the health or safety of any member of the college community.
  • In the classroom, you should try to resolve the disruption issue informally, if you can; if you cannot resolve the issue informally, you, as a faculty member, have the right to ask the student to leave the classroom for that period or even longer. If the student refuses to leave, you may call Public Safety for assistance in removing the student. It is imperative that you then file a Student Conduct Disruption/Discipline Report. Printed copies of this form are also available from the Office of Student Life. You should also contact Dr. Ighodaro regarding the incident and recommend possible interventions, including counseling.
  • If you feel an incident is very serious, you should also file a formal Public Safety Incident Report with the GCC Public Safety Department (5-3535). The key process in dealing with all disruptive behavior is document, document, document.
  • In dealing with disruptive student behavior outside of the classroom, the process is virtually identical. First, an attempt should be made, if possible, to resolve the issue informally. Second, if this is not feasible, the disruptive behavior of a student should be reported and documented using the Student Conduct Disruption/Discipline Report Form and an email should be sent to Dr. Ighodaro. Third, if you judge that the incident is very serious, file a formal Public Safety Incident Report.
The purpose of the suggested reporting and documentation regarding disruptive students is simple enough - it provides a record of evidence for any level of the student adjudication process, whether it be informal or formal resolution of the problem or whether it involves sanctions ranging from a warning to college expulsion.

It is important to note that in filing a Student Conduct Disruption/Discipline Report, you also can specify your preferred follow-up action for the disruptive behavior, including suggesting interventions such as counseling and/or disciplinary action by the dean of Student Affairs.  

You should know, finally, that GCC has a Behavioral Intervention Team process that is designed to help identify students who are in or nearing distress. This team consists of faculty and staff members from various campus areas, including safety, counseling and disability resources. Also, posters summarizing student conduct guidelines will be placed in classrooms and work areas throughout the campus.  

For more information about the disruptive students process, contact Dean Ighodaro, 623-845-3567.  Remember, help is only an email, telephone call or visit away! - submitted by Vice President of Student Affairs Alberto Sanchez

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