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Vol 13.8 · August 2011
Gaucho Gazette > August 2011 > Student Affairs

Enrollment Center Awareness Fridays


During the fall semester, the Enrollment Center is highlighting various causes by wearing symbolic colors for each. We will be hanging posters detailing what each Friday's color is for that month and what it represents. We are hoping this catches on throughout the entire campus!

If you have any suggestions for new causes to which we can bring awareness, please contact Lourdes Cloud, Michelle Dragoo, Laura Kreuger, Edna Aranda, Charity Torres or Valerie Harrison in the Enrollment Center. If this is a success during Fall, we will continue it in the Spring semester.

Awareness Fridays Color Schedule:
8/12-   White for Peace
8/19-   Light Blue for Water Safety
8/26-   Red for SADD (Students Against Drunk Driving)
9/2-     Gray for Diabetes
9/9-     Red, White, and Blue in Remembrance of 9-11
9/16-   Orange for Racial Tolerance & Equality
9/23-   Purple for Cancer Survivors
9/30-   Silver for Learning Disabilities
10/7-   Green for Save the Earth
10/14- Pink for Breast Cancer Research
10/21- Dark Blue for Fallen Police Officers (Thin Blue Line)
10/28- Pink for Breast Cancer
11/4-   Lime Green for Lymphoma
11/10- Yellow to Support Our Troops (yes this is a Thursday but that Friday is Veterans Day holiday.)
11/18- Wear your choice of Red, Yellow, Light or Dark Blue for  Autism Awareness. The symbol is a Jigsaw puzzle and these are the puzzzle colors
11/23- This is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving so wear your Autumn colors
12/2-   Brown for Headache and Migraine Awareness
12/9-   White for Peace
12/12-12/22- Wear your Holiday attire to make the EC and campus Festive

We hope that you will participate and help us bring awareness to good causes across the campus! Thank you for your participation. -- submitted by Lourdes Cloud

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