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Vol 13.8 · August 2011
Gail Rae

Author and professor Gail Rae
Gaucho Gazette > August 2011 > Academic Affairs

Gail Rae Writes/Blogs on Kidney Health

When GCC adjunct English professor Gail Rae was told she had chronic kidney disease, her first questions were "What is it and how did I get it?" Those words became the title of her book about kidney function decline. Her knowledge continues to place Rae in the forefront of communications about the illness.

Nearly 30 million people in the United States have CKD or nephropathy - 13 percent of the country's population. In keeping with the spirit of reassuring newly diagnosed patients that they are not alone, the book describes other patients' initial reactions to their diagnosis as well as the author's own experiences.

A nonfiction writer for more than 20 years, the author is the kidney educator for Facebook's The Transplant Community Outreach. One of her articles was featured on the front pages of and Her book has been mentioned in blogs on The American Society of Nephrologists and the Chronic Kidney Disease Support Forum Facebook pages.

Rae's book provides basic information about kidney disease including a glossary of medical terms, what to expect at a doctor's visit, what tests to look for, the need for exercise and renal nutrition. An overview of publications offers resources for further reading. Find out more at My CKD Experience.

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