English Department Course Information

You must complete six credits of composition with a grade of C or higher to earn a degree.  You may take one of these paths:

ENG 101 (3 credits) and ENG 102 (3 credits)
Students must complete English 101 with a grade of C or higher before taking English 102. Honors sections of ENG101 and 102 are available.


    ENG 107 (3 credits) and ENG 108 (3 credits)
    For students for whom English is a second language; equivalent to English 101 and 102; completion of English 107 with a grade of C or higher is prerequisite to English 108.

Which course should I take?
Before registering for an English course, read:

Non-Traditional Formats
English courses are offered in various delivery formats:

  • Online Courses   Use the Internet for course delivery; do not meet on campus.
  • Hybrid Courses   Meet half of the time in the classroom and the rest of the work is done online, using the Internet.
  • Honors Program   Intellectually challenging, small classes with outstanding teachers

Syllabi are available that explain requirements and policies for individual courses.

More Information
English courses fulfill general studies requirements in communications and humanities and provide background for advanced study programs.  They develop communication skills for personal, employment, and academic use. Communication skills taught in the English Department are essential in any employment area. English majors are well prepared for careers in teaching, law, politics, journalism, writing, editing, public relations, advertising, marketing and management.

English Humanities courses encourage personal enrichment through the study of literature.  Courses in English as a second language assist foreign speakers to learn to speak, write, and read English.

The English Department at GCC makes every effort to register students for the courses most likely to help them to realize their goals, both immediate and long-range. Faculty members have, therefore, personalized the procedure for placing students in composition courses. Instructors consider both the student's skill as demonstrated on the standardized test and the student's response to a writing assignment in a classroom situation. 

Students should consult with a department advisor in planning their academic schedule in order to complete degree requirements in an expedient manner.  Required courses may not be available every semester or year.  Due to limited course offerings, degree-seeking students may find it necessary to extend completion time lines and attend both day and evening classes.

The department recommends that students have keyboarding skills. Papers must be typed.

Transfer to a University

What can I do with a major in English?
The ability to communicate clearly and directly is a key to career advancement in many aspects of business, government, and community service.  Read more about careers for people with a major in English.


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Official Course Descriptions and Competencies

Creative Writing Courses
CRW 120 Introduction to Writing Children's Lit
CRW 150 Introduction to Creative Writing
CRW 155 Bilingual Creative Writing
CRW 160 Introduction to Writing Poetry
CRW 170 Introduction to Writing Fiction
CRW 180 Introduction to Writing Nonfiction
CRW 190 Introduction to Screenwriting
CRW 200 Readings for Writers
CRW 201 Portfolio
CRW 202 The Writer as Witness
CRW 203 Dialogue
CRW 204 Journaling
CRW 220 Intermediate Writing Children's Lit
CRW 261 Topics in Writing: Poetry
CRW 270 Intermediate Fiction Writing
CRW 271 Topics in Writing: Fiction
CRW 272 Planning and Structuring the Novel
CRW 273 Writing the Novel
CRW 274 Revising the Novel
CRW 275 Writing the Mystery Story
CRW 281 Topics in Writing: Non-Fiction
CRW 290 Intermediate Screenwriting
CRW 291 Topics in Writing: Plays

Writing Courses
ENG 071 Fundamentals of Writing
ENG 081 Fundamentals of Writing
ENG 091 Fundamentals of Writing
ENG 100AA American English Spelling System
ENG 100AB Vocabulary Development
ENG 100AC Mechanics of Written English
ENG 100AD Grammar and Usage
ENG 100AE Composition Skills
ENG 100AH Report Writing
ENG 100AJ Writing Letters and Resumes
ENG 101 First Year Composition
ENG 102 First Year Composition
ENG 107 First Year Composition for ESL
ENG 108 First Year Composition for ESL
ENG 111 Technical Writing
ENG 183 Basic Manuscript Writing: Fiction
ENG 184 Adv Manuscript Writing: Fiction
ENG 200 Reading and Writing about Lit.
ENG 210 Creative Writing
ENG 213 Intro. to the Study of Language
ENG 215 Strategies of Academic Writing
ENG 216 Persuasive Writing, Public Issues
ENG 217 Personal and Exploratory Writing
ENG 235 Magazine Article Writing

English Humanities Courses
ENH 110 Introduction to Literature
ENH 114 African-American Literature
ENH 201 World Lit through the Renaissance
ENH 202 World Lit after the Renaissance
ENH 204 Intro to Contemporary Lit
ENH 214 Poetry Study
ENH 221 Survey of English Lit before 1800
ENH 222 Survey of English Lit after 1800
ENH 230 Introduction to Shakespeare
ENH 241 American Lit. before 1860
ENH 242 American Lit. after 1860
ENH 250 Classical Backgrounds in Lit.
ENH 251 Mythology
ENH 252 Bibllical Background of Lit.
ENH 254 Literature and Film
ENH 256 Shakespeare on Film
ENH 260 Literature of the Southwest
ENH 275 Modern Fiction
ENH 285 Contemp. Women Writers
ENH 291 Children's Literature

English as a Second Language Courses
ESL 010 ESL I: Grammar
ESL 011 ESL I: Listening and Speaking
ESL 012 ESL I: Writing with Oral Practice
ESL 016 ESL I: Reading English as a Second Language
ESL 020 ESL II: Grammar
ESL 021 ESL II: Listening and Speaking
ESL 022 ESL II: Writing with Oral Practice
ESL 026 ESL II: Reading English as a Second Language
ESL 030 ESL III: Grammar
ESL 031 ESL III: Listening and Speaking
ESL 032 ESL III: Writing with Oral Practice
ESL 036 ESL III: Reading English as a Second Language
ESL 040 ESL IV: Grammar
ESL 041 ESL IV: Listening and Speaking
ESL 042 ESL IV: Writing with Oral Practice
ESL 046 ESL IV: Reading English as a Second Language
ESL 049 General Vocational English
ESL 050 Review Grammar for ESL
ESL 050AA Basic Review Grammar/ ESL
ESL 050AB Intermediate Review Grammar/ ESL
ESL 050AC Advanced Review Grammar/ ESL
ESL 051 Pronunciation Improvement
American Culture: History
ESL 054AB American Culture: Institutions,  Customs
ESL 054AC American Culture: Sports, Entertainment
ESL 071 Adv Pronunciation and Oral Reading
ESL 077
Language Skills: Speaking and Writing Standard English
ESL 087 Basic Writing Skills
ESL 097 Fundamentals of Writing

Reading Courses

RDG 071 Basic Reading
RDG 081 Reading Improvement
RDG 091 College Reading Skills
CRE 101
Critical and Evaluative Reading 

Journalism and Mass Communications Courses
JRN 133 Development of Small Publications
JRN 201 News Writing
JRN 215 News Production
JRN 235 Practicum: Public Relations
JRN 240AA Journalism Internship
JRN 240AB Journalism Internship
JRN 240AC Journalism Internship
JRN 298AA Special Projects
JRN 298AB Special Projects
JRN 298AC Special Projects
MCO 120 Media and Society
MCO 220 Cultural Diversity and the Media