Criterion 4: Acquisition, Discovery and Application of Knowledge

The organization promotes a life of learning for its faculty, administration, staff, and students by fostering and supporting inquiry, creativity, practice, and social responsibility in ways consistent with its mission.

a. The organization demonstrates, through the actions of its board, administrators, students, faculty, and staff, that it values a life of learning.
b. The organization demonstrates that acquisition of a breadth of knowledge and skills and the exercise of intellectual inquiry are integral to its educational programs.
c. The organization assesses the usefulness of its curricula to students who will live and work in a global, diverse, and technological society.
d. The organization provides support to ensure that faculty, students, and staff acquire, discover, and apply knowledge responsibly.

Criterion IV Team
Felicia Brenoe, team co-chair
Angela Acuna, team co-chair

Nanette Espinocilla, team support
Lori Bush
June Fessenden
Sherry Johnson
Scott Kozakiewicz
Ui Luu
Gary Marrer
Juliane Roybal
Lillian Spencer
Gaylen Stewart
Dr. Julie Waskow

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